Friday, October 31, 2008

Intellectuals or Bigots? You decide.

Erica Jong thinks blood will run in the nation's streets if Sen. Obama does not ascend to the White House, something she has shared with those who speak and read Italian.

If you don't, you can read the New York Observer piece by Jason Horowitz.

Her pals, including Jane Fonda and Naomi Wolfe, can't sleep for crying or call Jong every day for moral support. Then, Jong has had to resort to Valium and acupuncture for stress relief.


Brigid said...

These are the people that think Americans shouldn't own guns.

Well no wonder, they assume that everyone else is like them, unable to functions without Valium and histrionics.

I hope Obama loses. If he doesn't, I will neither rend my garments or call Dr. Phil. I'll go on doing what I CAN do, with strength and fortitude, like my family before me.

If people like Ms. Jong, Ms. Wolfe and Ms. Fonda determined our success as a nation we'd still be living in huts.

Somerled said...

They're leftists afraid of their fellow Obamacons as much or more than those evil neocons who have stolen the last two elections.

I don't think they're interested in change too much. Jong, Fonda, and their ilk simply want the tribute money to be paid to the beasts so they won't snap the chains and run wild in the streets.

It might interrupt their jet-setting, off-to-the-spa lifestyles.