Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Proud" NRA Member Dan Cooper backs Barack "Redistributor" Obama

From Snowflakes in Hell via Days of our Trailers * :

Chief executive of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Dan Cooper, is so dazzled by Barry that he's redistributed $3,300 to the Obama presidential campaign.

When I went to the Cooper Firearms website, I received the "HTTP 404: The webpage cannot be found" message after clicking the "Find A Dealer" link. That might be the digital equivalent of the flushing sound following Jim Zumbo's Feb. 16, 2007, Outdoor Life blog attack on black rifles.

Here's my response at Days of our Trailers:

Thanks for the heads up. I am in the process of redistributing wealth to a couple of those Illinois firearms manufacturers Obama and his rich, trial-lawyer, community-activist pals have been trying to shut down for years. And since Dan Cooper is a "proud member" of the NRA, I'm going to redistribute some wealth to the NRA-ILA and the NRA Foundation with Dan and Obama in mind.

If I'm able to garner enough wealth to redistribute if Obama moves to the White House, I'm certain Dan Cooper doesn't mind if I spread it to any of his competitors not stupid enough to undermine the U.S. Constitution, their customers, and their industry.


Ben said...

I donate to the NRA. It's amazing to me how somebody like Obama can claim to support second-amendment rights when he's clearly moved to oppose them 100% of the time in the past. I'll gladly redistribute some of my wealth to the ILA in exchange for a little support of my rights.

Somerled said...

It's a start, Ben, in a struggle that extends past the founding of this nation. Obama's "change" agenda didn't work in Western Europe, South Africa, 1930s revolutionary Mexico, or countless other places where other "brilliant men" have tried them.

Everett said...

Didn't know Cooper existed, but will do my part in NOT enriching him by even 1 cent!

Somerled said...

The board of directors of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc., has asked Dan Cooper to resign as president. You can find the statement in a later post on my blog or at www.cooperfirearms.com