Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reloading, dreaming

This weekend I loaded some .223 Remington ammo with 55-grain Sierra GameKing BTHPs on top of Hodgdon Varget. I'm curious to see if they'll group nearly as well as the Sierra 52-grain MatchKing BTHPs, which I have been using until it took two to finish off a monster woodchuck who had been undermining the fence along the creek. The MatchKings group from .6 to .75 in. at 100 yards.
But paper isn't a gnarled, grayed whistle pig. He put most Butterball Thanksgiving turkeys to shame. Both of the match bullets plowed through but didn't open up. Many .224 bullets such as Sierra's BlitzKings are geared toward small varmints. They break up too easily on larger animals with a thick rind of fat and muscle. Hopefully the 55-grain GameKing will expand well but hold together. I'm the type who likes to use one load for all purposes. Perhaps it can't be done in this case.

Rain is coming this way. I might be able to get some range work done tomorrow afternoon. If not, the sun's supposed to be back Thursday.

This upper assembly has a 16" DPMS, 1-9" twist, free-floated, bull barrel. Some day I'd like to get a skinnier 18", 1-8" barrel paired with the JP/VTAC modular handguard. I think the extra length would allow for more velocity and enhanced bullet performance. The slightly faster twist would stablize longer bullets better.

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