Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yes We Can ... be out of touch with reality

Peggy Joseph knows Barry will help her out if she helps him. He does look good up there before the masses, talking about redistributing wealth and changing the country and the world.

When Barack is in the Big House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Peggy, 95 percent of us won't have to worry about changing the oil and rotating tires, either. We'll just drive our free cars into the free Jiffy Lube on the White House North Lawn. The newly nationalized Exxon Mobil convenience store dispensing full-service gasoline across the street in Lafayette Square, will be staffed by servants of the people, convicted Republicans on work release.

If you live too far away, like in Chicago, Big Brother Barack will send an Air Force C17 Globemaster III to pick up your whole fleet of free rides.

No charge, Peggy. That's what friends are for.

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