Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama meets a "Wealthy" Ohio Plumber

The Gateway Pundit reports on Sen. Obama's weekend visit with a Holland, Ohio, plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher. He also includes some Fox News video. Other mainstream media outlets did not detail the dialogue between the two men.

Obama, when asked about his tax plan, said he did not want to punish Wurzelbacher's success as a tradesman and small business owner. The senator simply wants to spread Wurzelbacher's wealth around so "that everyone behind you--that they have a chance at success too."

Joe, the next time you're laboring in an effleunt-filled hole, look behind you and see if anyone's there. Perhaps if your small business paid less tax, you could afford to hire extra employees, upgrade equipment, and purchase better health care. You should have that freedom, as you made a point of telling the candidate.

Small business owners like Mr. Wurzelbacher employ nearly two-thirds of this nation's workforce. Why does Sen. Obama distrust millions like Wurzelbacher to the extreme he must take matters into his own, uncalloused hands?

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