Saturday, October 4, 2008

A glimpse back at spring

This photo from late March shows the west bank of the creek cutting through this basin. The blooming trees are Eastern Redbuds. This 17-acre patch is south of the farm house and barns. It is part of the original quarter section, or 160 acres, my family claimed in 1857. My great grandfather sold it in tough economic times. My parents bought it back when I was in high school.

The grass is a blend of timothy and orchard grass. We used to run horses on it during the winter. Now it is baled once a year for hay. We use a clearing near the south end for some overnight camping and church and family wiener roasts. My son's Boy Scout troop camped there this summer. The hawks, owls, turkeys, blue herons and whitetail deer don't seem to mind sharing the space with us.

I dropped my digital camera and it's not back in service. I need to get out and take fall pictures.

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