Saturday, January 17, 2009

We mustn't forget "ordinary Americans"

After I heard or read about "ordinary Americans", "everyday people", "ordinary working-class folks", "ordinary Americans--the poor and the disenfranchised", etc., several times today, I did some Googling just to figure out if I am ordinary or not.

I'm never going to receive an invitation to ride the ordinary train. I lack the "special distinction, rank or status" and am so undiscernable to matter to intellectual collectors of woeful tales.

Those "stories have been overlooked too long," and "we mustn't overlook" them any longer. Maybe the circulation of most major newspapers are falling for another reason besides the bad economy. Reading the paper is too much like giving yourself a waterboarding.

Anyhow, I entered the phrase, "ordinary American" into Google and searched images. This one was at the head of the list.

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