Friday, January 23, 2009

Some would pay extra for this ...

Yusuf Evans, 37, wanted to show a visiting cousin and another friend a good time. So he took them to XTC, which is found somewhere on Brittain Road in Akron, Ohio.

A stripper, Tiffany, tried to do Yusuf a good turn. She flipped off her platform shoe, which flew and struck Yusuf in the nose. Yes, some would gladly pay extra for the pleasure derived from pain. Not Yusuf. That ain't his bag, bebe.

''I have to live with this the rest of my life probably. ... That was my first time ever there. Isn't that crazy? My nose got chipped on one side and I constantly lose the ability to breathe out of one nostril; the passageway gets clogged up.''

One year later Yusuf still requires nose surgery. So he's suing Tiffany and XTC Nighclub for services improperly rendered. Some pain, no pleasure, and no XTC for anyone except maybe Yusuf's attorney.

My advice to Tiffany is to review her liability coverage each year with her insurance agent and to shell out some of the tips for extra protection an umbrella policy would offer. Yusuf, guys with your sort of luck should stay home or buy Kevlar® protection from DuPont.

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