Friday, January 9, 2009

I'd like the Grilled Sea Kitten please ...

and some extra hush puppies.

PETA's sea kittens are known as fish to many cruel, heartless torturers who like to hook, filet and consume them.

"In the United States, there are no regulations to ensure the humane treatment of fish, despite the fact that billions of farmed fish are slaughtered every year. Though they may seem alien to us, fish are unique and intelligent individuals who feel pain, just as all animals do."

Sea Kitten and Chips, Fried Sea Kitten, Sea Kitten Sticks, Blackened Sea Kitten--I'm more ruthless than than a CIA subcontractor running a waterboarding operation in eastern Europe.


Brigid said...

An order of cat cakes with extra cocktail sauce please.

Sea Kittens. I can imagine how that came up, some pot addled hippie at PETA was sitting around the table and said "DUDE, if we like, call them sea kittens, no one will eat them, because like, kittens are furry and cute and like to play with toys and stuff"

If you go to their webpage you can even "create your own sea kitten". I'll name my Sushi. You can also read tales about the lives of the sea kittens like this -
"Tony the Trout is the smartest Sea Kitten in his school. Already litter-trained at 2 months old, Tommy went on to double-major in neuroscience and environmental studies at Clamford University, eventually graduating with honors.

When Tony is caught and fed to a precocious young child who, having eaten one mercury-filled sea kitten too many, falls to the bottom of his class, the irony is not lost on him.:

Uh PETA. . trouts are FRESH water sea kittens. Mercury in fresh water trout it not a problem. Oh but fear mongering among little children is so much more fun if you can bend the truth.

work verf: referhad - the guy who came up with this PETA campaign

Somerled said...

Plants have feelings too. Then all those grass smokers and eaters at PETA are being cruel to animals by depleting the food supply.