Saturday, January 31, 2009

Da Boss--My people made a bad deal with the Devil, aka Wal-Mart.

"Some fans" became upset after Bruce Springsteen inked an exclusive marketing deal for a greatest-hits release with Wal-Mart, often attacked for it's "unfair" labor and business practices. The retailing giant planned to cash in on the Springer's Super Bowl appearance tomorrow. The Boss, long a champion of ordinary Americans and workers of the world, has told the objective, fair and unbiased journalists at The New York Times that the contract was made in error.

The interview will be in the Sunday edition, although the NYT marketers are also trying to cash in by releasing details before the clash.

Bruce, turn that money over to your leader for inclusion in the stimulus package. It will fund a few condom distribution programs and abortions. This will allow states to reduce the numbers of children who would otherwise require cradle-to-grave public services plus cut the cost of treating them for STDs. Of course, they won't grow up to pay taxes, work or shop at Wal-Mart or any other evil corporation that pays taxes, or ask their elders, "Who was Bruce Springsteen?"

Boss, back out of the Bridgestone Super Bowl for the sake of the greens. Tires, chemicals and other dangerous industrial products Bridgestone, an evil multinational corporation, produces and markets all over the world add to the carbon footprint, clutter our landfills, foul our water, and cause Al Gore to sweat. Bridgestone has exploited workers in China, Japan, South Korea, here in the U.S.A, and elsewhere. And think about the untold millions who have suffered personal injury as the result of a defective tire. How do you, Patty and the entire E-Street Band sleep at night?

Why does the Boss need the dough? That Wal-Mart deal isn't any different than "height of irresponsibility" Wall Street bonuses. It isn't a time to profit when ordinary working people are struggling. Stop selling out. For a change, give it away. Any proceeds from a CD, DVD, or any other media format sold though Wal-Mart is Judas money.

Maybe those nameless "fans" who hate the Wal-Mart greedheads are sticking it to the Boss and all other exploiters of the poor by downloading the entire Springsteen catalog from illegal file-sharing networks. They're morally justified. They're victims.

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