Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Marines' 40mm Revolver, the M32 MGL

I saw a Shot Show 2009 picture 0f the M32 MGL on display at VLTOR booth. It intrigued me enough to cause me to do some research.

The M32 MGL was first adopted by the U.S. Marines in 2006. It was first demonstrated to the South African Defence Force in 1981 and has been produced since 1983. It holds six grenades, has a range between 32 to nearly 435 yards, and the cylinder is rewound between reloads.

It would be one hell of a groundhog killer, and I could demolish ramshackle farm sheds with it. To hell with the crowbar. I doubt the Marines would loan me one, however. Then I have enough problems paying for .223 ammunition, let alone cases of 40mm grenades.

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Carteach0 said...

Now, thats kinda kewl.
I like the idea that our troops have an item like that in their bag of tricks.