Thursday, September 25, 2008

Code-Blue Kansas Alert!

I received an e-mail today from Samantha "Sammy" Finke, Obama for America Kansas director as well as the director of the Kansas Campaign for Change. The later might be the new name of the Kansas Democratic Party because Sammy, a fellow University of Kansas graduate, had prominently plastered the KDP logo and address on her message.

I received this message despite using the unsubscribe function after receiving past e-mails. And Barack is the one who goes on about Sen. McCain not understanding how to use e-mail?

She asked, "Will the debate go on?" Then she urged me to help "take Barack's message to the streets!" by driving 50 miles to Lawrence and joining "a canvass or phone bank for change."

Sammy, ex-campaign worker for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Hillary Clinton, said, "We can turn Kansas blue this November, but we really need your help ... Thank you for your continued support and your willingness to help. Let's make the next 40 days count!"

I responded to Sammy at

Subject: Obama and Biden--Not champions of the Bill of Rights

Please remove me from the mailing list. While I once thought Barack Obama might be a suitable Chief Executive for this country, I have changed my mind.

Why Sen. Obama would pick Joe Biden, author of the 1994 and 2007 "Crime" Bills, to serve as vice president if he's truly for the Second Amendment escapes me. The 2007 Crime Bill, S. 2273, would make millions of previously legal transactions between U.S. citizens instant felonies. Judging by his legislative record and speeches, Obama thinks the Second Amendment only prohibits the government from taking a hunting rifle or shotgun from someone's home. It is obvious Obama would sign this bill if passed by Congress.

I'm no huge fan of Sen. McCain. However, it does appear he would trust ordinary, law-abiding citizens to possess and use firearms without more restrictions that inhibit only those who respect human life and the law. If passed, the 2007 Biden Crime Bill will no doubt erode Second Amendment rights. It would also weaken the 1st, 4th, 5th and 10th amendments.

History shows that despots follow civil-rights restrictions. I'm not willing to consider Sen. Obama a despot, but he and Joe Biden don't seem to mind paving a path for one.

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