Monday, September 15, 2008

Building a 9mm AR-15

I sent off orders for a Rock River Arms 9mm upper assembly and 9mm hammer from Steve at Adco Firearms today. Brownells is sending a Hahn Precision dedicated magazine block.

I've also ordered some CProducts 9mm magazines from at the "pre-election price" of $16.99 each. Hopefully they will work with the Hahn block. I've not had any hands-on experience with either nor have talked face-to-face with anyone who has. I gather CProducts has been changing follower designs. I don't pay too much attention to what I read on forums.

"Product XYZ is crap, the customer service is terrible, and I'll never buy anything from them again." For some reason, those complaints reminds me of guys who over-adjust and break rear sights when they have trouble hitting gigantic B-27 targets at 10 yards.

So it is a leap into the semi-unknown. I will not yield to the dark side of the farce and use a Dremel tool. I promise. I save that for precision dental work. ;)


Tam said...

The Hahn block is the bomb diggity shizznit.

I haven't tried 9mm mags other than the ProMag polymer ones (adequate for playing on the range but split eventually) and real Colt mags with the horsie and all.

Somerled said...

The CProducts magazines and the block are heading this way via priority mail. I'll whack some hedge apples and targets when I get everything put together. I'll probably be waiting awhile for the RRA upper.

I put off getting a 9mm before the Joe Biden-authored 1994 Crime Bill was enacted. I figured I should not put it off any longer. It helps the economy, too.

Brigid said...

Let me know how you like it. I have a little bit of cash from a bonus sitting in my purse waiting to stimulate the economy.