Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Celebration in Ava: Missouri Fox Trotting Horses

This is the last day of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Association's Annual Show and Celebration in Ava., Mo. My 72-year-old mother is down there as in past years, but without my father and minus any horses. Now she might bring one or two home ...

Dad loved to go every September. He'd whoop and holler sort of like ole Bob Wills, but only louder. He'd spend days prepping the trailer. As he and Mom worked their horses, dust puffed up with every hoof strike to drift up toward the arena lights. After his stroke in 2004, it became impossible. Ava, the fellowship, the horses: it meant so much to him.

If you've never forked a Fox Trotter, give it a try. They are addicting, possess a smooth flat-footed walk and fox trot that eats up distance, and the rider is spared the pounding.

I'm looking forward to Mom's report. All you Kansas City Region members, travel home safely!

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