Monday, December 22, 2008

Test your communication skills ...

before Christmas dinner with the the rogue in-laws or telling someone you tossed the canned fruitcake they unthoughtfully sent.

You may be a jerk, desperately repressed or highly insightful. Psychology Today is "Here to Help".

Me, I'm supposedly insightful and scored an 88: "Your results indicate that you are extremely adept at interpreting other people’s words and actions and seeing things from their perspective, which likely results in very few misunderstandings. You seem to realize that empathy is an essential part of good interpersonal skills and therefore, will do your best to place yourself in other people’s shoes in order to better understand them. You can generally get a good sense of what others are thinking and will likely adjust yourself accordingly if the people you’re conversing with seem confused or perhaps uncomfortable. Good job!"

My two kids may disagree particularly when I say "no" to some scheme they're trying to pull off.

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