Saturday, December 13, 2008

Plumbing the economy

I've been neglecting the blog for plumbing. I've spent two days digging out a waste line and replacing some water valves. Then I've been feeding the stock, which takes more time when snow and cold takes over the Osage Cuestas.

I've also been plumbing other people's computers. I figured it would be a way to exploit the bad economy--fixing and upgrading older computers people would have simply replaced a few months ago. I contemplated starting my own bank holding corporation to snag increasingly worth-less federal bailout dollars. It is more fun to fix other people's virus-infected computers, however.

A man came by this morning inquiring about a pickup-truck load of old horse manure for a garden. He inquired about composition, quality and price. I told him I'd charge $20, which seems reasonable because I'd have to take the bale fork off the tractor to put on the bucket. He said he might come back next weekend if he didn't find manure at another place. I think he wants perfect, free shit. Could that be why the economy turned to crap in the first place?

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aepilot_jim said...

Give him my name. I know a few people who think their shit is perfect.