Thursday, April 23, 2009

Horses and Snakes

I'm partial to the classics. I'll walk along the glass cases at gun stores, quickly scanning the rows of bland-looking Glocks, XDs, S&W polymer M&Ps, CZs, etc. I'll spend some time looking at some of the 1911s and Sig Sauers in 9mm and .45 ACP. Any Browning 9mm Hi-Power deserves some attention.

I spend the most time in front of revolvers. It's less crowded there unless there's some mulling S&W J-frame snubs for CCW. There, I'm particularly drawn to Colt D-frame revolvers in any skin--Cobras, Diamondbacks, Detective Specials, Agents, Vipers, Police Positive Specials and more.

They're getting more and more difficult to find. Some of my favorites, such as Diamondback .22 revolvers with 4 or 6-inch barrels, commonly sell in excess of $1,000. A few of the D frames shipped with 3-inch barrels. One that's always eluded me is a Colt Cobra 3-inch chambered in .22 LR. I'm still in mourning after Colt dropped the D frames from its product line in 1995.


Did it MY way said...

Revolvers have always been my favorites to. They just feel right.

Somerled said...

Thanks for stopping by, 'My way.