Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goat Grudge Match

When I first saw this photo, I wondered how PETA activists break up pit-goat fighting operations in countries that discourage activism. Maybe Madonna could be persuaded to adopt and save Chinese fighting goats now that her quest to adopt another Malawian child was thwarted. It's a different continent, a different species, but goats need a "loving family environment" as well.

Photo taken on April 13, 2009, shows two goats locked in their horns at Wadian Township, Linquan County, Anhui Province, China. More than 200 of them took part in a goat-fighting match on this day. (Xinhua Photo)

No, we shouldn't focus solely on fight-goat fans in South China. PETA hasn't been able to encourage a "brilliant", Columbia and Harvard-educated president or his vice president to rescue a single pound dog. One would think the activists in angst over Alaskan wolves being slaughtered last fall would now be marching on D.C. holding vials of fake blood.

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