Wednesday, March 11, 2009

S&W wish list

The S&W forum has a thread, The Wish List: Guns you WISH S&W would Manufacture. It's fun to read, view suggestions that parallel your own desires, and then delve into other possibilities other hardcore S&W aficionados have presented. Hopefully, the Smith and Wesson product development people drop by from time to time for ideas.

Here's one of my pet peeves--K, L or N-frame revolvers with less than three-inch barrels. Anyone who's had to pluck out empties from a revolver such as my Model 10-5, 2" barreled .38 Special despite using proper extraction technique will understand. The shortened extractor rod can be a liability.

This Model 327 could singe Princess Vespa's hair.

Another pet peeve of mine is heavy barrels, especially ones with full under lugs, on concealed-carry revolvers. So something like this Model 686 with a 2 1/2", lugged barrel will cause Dusty to break out in hives. If one's toting a Model 327 with a 2" Lothar-Walther Custom German Rifle Barrel with polished button rifling, Dusty thinks that person, on behalf of the dark side of The Schwartz, came t0 suck oxygen out of indoor ranges.

This long-time wheelgunner would like to see the return of tapered barrels for the K-frame models still in the S&W product catalog. If I could transform my 10-5, it would have a round butt, wood boot grips, and a 3-inch tapered barrel that would allow me to swap out front sights. I'd mount a tritium-insert sight blade on it.

Dusty's Model 10-5 snub stays home

A .357 equipped with a trim, fighting-weight, 3" barrel similar to the Model 66 S&W produced for the U.S. Treasury when it controlled the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco, GA, would be ideal. I had one, a contract overrun, that I had to let go later to pay the rent. I wish I still had it. It carried like a dream in either a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard or a Milt Sparks Summer Special IWB rig. It was tough to control with the 125-grain Federal JHPs I used in my Model 28 Highway Patrolman, so I stoked the 66 with Winchester's 145-grain Silvertips.

Some lucky dog's Model 66 3-in. carry revolver

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